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Tokutei Asia (特定アジア?) (abbr. Toku-A (特ア?)), literally "specific-Asia", is a Japanese term that translates as "the specific countries in Asia". The term is used to specify Asian regions which have obvious negative views of Japan or where anti-Japanese sentiments are still strong, or the regions which have political tensions and disputes with Japan, namely, South Korea, North Korea, and China.[1]

Overseas Chinese and Koreans can be added by the context of their work in journalism.[citation needed]

As for China, the autonomous regions like Tibet, Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia are usually excluded from the term. Similarly, the areas of Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan, which are not directly under the governance of People’s Republic of China, are also not included within the definition.[citation needed]


  1. Japanese Perspectives on "Asia" 2006

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