Tokumei Kakarichō Tadano Hitoshi (特命係長·只野仁?) is a Japanese television drama, or drama based on the popular manga of the same name by Kimio Yanagisawa. The title literally translates as Mission Section Chief Hitoshi Tadano. The manga is described as a "salaryman and action manga." The television drama was aired on TV Asahi in 2003.

Manga volumes

There are two series: Tokumei Kakarichō Tadano Hitoshi (9 volumes, or tankōbon) and Shin Tokumei Kakarichō Tadano Hitoshi (11 volumes). They are published by Kadokawa Shoten and Bunkasha, and were serialized in Weekly Gendai, a weekly manga magazine targeting salarymen.

TV drama

The first TV series broadcast on TV Asahi's "Friday Night Drama" slot from July 4, 2003 until September 19, 2003, and garnered an average rating of 12.0%, reaching a high point of 14.1% according to the Kantō Area Video Research group, the highest rating of any show in the "Friday Night Drama" slot. During the final episode of the first series, viewers were told that Tadano and Moriwaki were going to take a 15-month vacation traveling around to various onsen across Japan. A special titled Tokumei Kakarichō Tadano Hitoshi Returns was aired on December 22, 2004, just over 15 months since the final episode of the first series.

On January 14, 2005, the second series began airing, running through March 18, 2005. According to the Kantō Area Video Research group, the series achieved a 16.0% rating with the episodes airing on February 11 and February 18. The final episode garnered a rating of over 20% in its timeslot, due largely to the main character, Tadano, collapsing during the episode due to being overworked. On August 7, 2005, the second special was aired, titled Nerawareta Serebu na Onna-tachi. The special garnered a 19.3%, the second highest rating ever for a drama, and making it the most popular drama aired between August 1 and August 7.

The third series began airing January 12, 2007.

While in the original manga Tadano is a "lone wolf", in the TV series he works in combination with Moriwaki, a character created for the TV series. Moriwaki has now made his appearance in the original manga.

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