In the fictional Robotech universe, Tirol is the homeworld of the Robotech Masters, who are the leaders of their race - the Tirolians, and their bioengineered Zentraedi troops. Tirol is the third moon distant from the blue-green, Jupiter-sized planet Fantoma, whose large ring system is extremely mineral rich. Fantoma is located in the Valivarre star system.[1]

Tiresia is Tirol's capital city and in its center is a pyramidal structure called the Great Hall, which is the seat of the planetary government. There is also a mining outpost not far from Tiresia called Rylac. Tirolian architecture appears to be Greco-Roman, for need of a Terran counterpart.

Tirol was the seat of power of the Robotech Masters Empire. After the Zentraedi failure to capture the SDF-1, and the imminent invasion by the Invid, the Masters depart with their massive spacefortresses towards Earth, in hope to capture the last supply of Protoculture in the known universe to be able to make a stand against the Invid, this being totally unknown to Earth's forces. What was left after the Masters departure was easily overtaken by the war-inspired Invid. When the Robotech Expeditionary Force arrived at Tirol, the Masters had already departed, leaving behind the old, young, infirm, and incomplete clone triumvirates, who were incapable of defending against the Invid aggression. After being liberated by the Robotech Expeditionary Force, these Tirolians would establish a successor government to the Masters (who were killed in the Second Robotech War), designed after Earth-based democracies.


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