Time Cat (1963) is a novel by Lloyd Alexander. Writing it, Alexander grew interested in Welsh Mythology, which inspired his writing of The Chronicles of Prydain, his most popular work. (Alexander originally intended to include a Welsh episode, but decided to save those ideas for another work, and substituted the episode that took place in Ireland instead.)[1]

Plot summary

The novel starts out with Jason learning that his cat, Gareth, is not only able to talk, but also has the power to travel to nine different points in history around the world. Jason convinces Gareth to take him along, and their adventures begin in Ancient Egypt in the year 2700 B.C. Once they return home, Gareth says he will never again allow himself to speak, and he forbids Jason ever to speak of their travels to anyone. It is not a difficult ban for Jason to obey, as he is not convinced anyone would believe his story if he did tell it. However, he has a necklace shaped like an ankh to remember his journey. Jason also discovers how to communicate with Gareth without talking.


The pair also travels to Rome and Britain (55 B.C.), Ireland (A.D. 411), Japan (A.D. 998), Italy (1468), Peru (1555), the Isle of Man (1588), Germany (1600), and America (1775).


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