Tim the Tiny Horse (ISBN 9780571236022, 2008) is a children's fiction book by Harry Hill.

Plot summary

Tim is still small yet his responsibilities are growing larger. Whilst continuing to live in his matchbox stable, he goes to fall in love with Fly's sister Chenille, be a Best Horse at Fly's wedding, babysitter for Mr and Mrs Fly's baby and buying a loft style apartment cigarette box using a five pound cheque. Then, Tim goes to buy a pet greenfly, George, and has to face up to the responsibilities and tragedies of being a pet owner.


  • Tim the tiny horse -- The main character
  • George the Greenfly -- Tim's Pet Greenfly who later dies.
  • George the Second -- Tim's Second Pet Greenfly
  • Fly -- Tim's Best friend
  • Mrs Fly -- The pregnant spouse of Fly.
  • Maggot-Fly's son.
  • Chenille-Fly's sister.
  • Fly's Mother-Fly's mother who sings at George's funeral.
  • Fly's Grandma-Fly's grandmother who is living with Fly.

History and Other Names

Tim The Tiny Horse At Large was released on September 4, 2008[1]. It is also known as Tim The Tiny Horse 2.


External links

  • - The Authors website.
  • [1] - The 'Tim the Tiny Horse' section on the authors website.
  • [2] - Tim the Tiny Horse on Faber Children's Books website.

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