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Tim the Tiny Horse (ISBN 9780571229550, 2006) is a children's fiction book by Harry Hill.

Tim the Tiny Horse is described as "definitely the smallest horse you could ever find". His stable is a matchbox with a tic-tac box conservatory and with a cocktail stick, some cotton and a hawthorn berry, Tim can play swingball. In the book, you can see what it's like being Tim: the highs and lows of trying to get into radio; making a reality TV programme; or just kicking back and enjoying a Hula Hoop with his best friend Fly. Then there's the serious stuff - Tim thinking about the meaning of life and his own mortality, Tim dealing with Fly's new girlfriend, and, of course, his passion for Anna Ford.

The following is the segments of the book:

NOTE: In the segment Tim Finds out he is a Winner the man calling Tim resembles Harry Hill with a black jacket, bald head and squared spectacles.

  • Tim and the Disappearing Hula Hoop

A fly steals Tim's barbecue flavoured Hula Hoop. After a sixty second quarrel over it, they become best friends and share it.

  • Tim gets the Showbiz Bug

Tim believes that everything in television is microscopic like him and goes to audition. However, everything is normal size so Tim steals a sugar lump from the canteen instead.

  • Fly gets a girlfriend

Fly is engaged into a relationship and neglects Tim by spending more time with her than Tim. Eventually, she dumps him.

  • Tim has brush with Anna Ford

Tim writes a letter to newsreader Anna Ford and she sends an autographed picture back. He writes another asking for a personal meeting with her but her assistant sends him a response that declines it.

  • Tim and Fly go out

Tim and Fly go to town. Tim decides to shop for a chair while Fly wants shoes. However, Tim remembers that the chair would be too big for his matchbox stable and most pairs of shoes come in two, not six.

  • Tim and Fly Consider the Meaning of Life

Tim and Fly debate whether there is god and Fly disagrees for war, famine and earthquake. But Tim proves he is right when the sun emerges.

  • Tim the Tiny Horse logs on

Tim goes to an internet cafe to look himself up but winds up reading an article about a deceased 160 year old tortoise called Tim who is dead.

  • Tim does some Cooking

Tim reads a recipe off a fudge bar and eats sugar and chocolate to make it.

  • Tim goes for a job in radio

Tim applies for a job in radio but cannot think of anything to say.

  • Tim finds out he is a Winner

Tim wins either a car, holiday or money but a reminisce of a traumatic foal experience, he declines all three.

  • Tim faces up to reality

Tim films himself for a reality TV show but his tape is too dull and boring.

  • Tim's Christmas

Tim pulls a cracker with the door and the door wins. Tim steals the plastic green horse toy and he watches The Vicar of Dibley.


The main characters include:

  • Tim the tiny horse—The main character
  • Fly—Tim's Best friend
  • Fly's Girl Friend—Tim's Enemy
  • Anna Ford—Tim's Crush


Tim the Tiny Horse At Large was released on September 4, 2008[1].


External links

  • - The Authors website.
  • [1] - The 'Tim the Tiny Horse' section on the authors website.
  • [2] - Tim the Tiny Horse on Faber Children's Books website.

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