Thom Beers is an American television producer and narrator/ voice over artist. Beers, a former producer and executive with Turner Broadcasting and Paramount Syndicated Television, has produced over 40 television series since the mid 1990s, most under the banner of his own production company formed in 1999, Original Productions, for which he serves as CEO and Executive Producer. Beers produces some of the most recognizable shows on the Discovery Channel family of networks, including Deadliest Catch (for which he received Emmy nominations in 2006 and 2007), Lobster Wars, Monster Garage, Monster House, and Plastic Surgery: Before and After.

Beers has a very distinctive voice — reminiscent of Don Knotts but with more gravitas — and also narrates several Discovery Channel series like Swords: Life on the Line, and Verminators; in addition to narrating most of Original Productions' shows (Beers narrated the pilot for Deadliest Catch but turned over series narration duties to fellow Discovery Channel voice artist Mike Rowe after the series was picked up), he can be heard narrating many shows on Discovery Health Channel, including Impact: Stories of Survival. In 2007, he produced and narrated Ice Road Truckers for the History Channel and narrated Ax Men in 2008 about logging. Like Deadliest Catch, both acclaimed shows had their roots in a special about a dangerous occupation.

Most recently, truTV has enlisted Beers and Original Productions for their own "dangerous occupation" series: Black Gold, a documentary about oil drillers. Beers is also executive producer and narrator for Tornado Road, a mini-series on The Weather Channel.[1]

Also, he narrates for the show America's Port on the National Geographic Channel, 1,000 Ways to Die on Spike, Pitchmen, and The Colony on the Discovery Channel. Beers was also the supervising producer for the cartoon Captain Planet and the Planeteers on TBS from 1990-1991 for 26 episodes.

Personal life

Beers is married to Leslie Beers, president of Amygdala Music, which produces all the music for Original Productions shows as well as licensing music for other production companies. They have one son named Max.


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