The Tyrant Falls in Love (恋する暴君 Koi suru Bo-kun?) is an ongoing Japanese yaoi manga series written and illustrated by Hinako Takanaga, who also authored Little Butterfly and The Devil's Secret. The Tyrant Falls in Love is a sequel to Takanaga's series Challengers.[1] The series has appeared on manga best-seller lists both in Japan and in Germany,[2] and the long-delayed US release has been labeled "one of the most highly-anticipated yaoi releases ever".[3]

In April 2010, Gush announced that an Original video animation would be forthcoming.[4]


Tetsuhiro Morinaga is a university student with a long-standing crush on Souichi Tatsumi, an older student he is collaborating with on his research project. Souichi Tatsumi (the older brother of Tomoe from Challengers), is violent, demanding and difficult to work with, in addition to being an ardent homophobe and a number of vocal issues revolving around his younger brother's male lover. In Challengers, Morinaga confesses his love to Souichi, who is shocked and repulsed. Morinaga contemplates transferring schools, but Souichi, who is otherwise-friendless and emotionally dependent on Morinaga, insists that Morinaga stay and that they continue as friends without mentioning the incident again, leaving Morinaga convinced that his feelings will never be reciprocated.

At the start of The Tyrant Falls in Love, in 2004, California has just legalized gay marriage. Souichi's brother Tomoe and his lover have eloped to California, and Souichi is furious at the idea that they are living in such a "perverse" state. Souichi goes on a drinking spree at Morinaga's apartment to drown his sorrows, during which he accidentally finds and unwittingly drinks an aphrodisiac Morinaga has been given; not-entirely-consensual sex ensues. This results in a dysfunctional, mutually-abusive relationship which develops slowly into a romance over the course of the series.

US publication

The Tyrant Falls in Love was initially licensed in the US by DramaQueen, but had an extremely rocky road to English-language distribution. The license was initially announced at Otakon 2006;[5] due to financial difficulties,[6] the book was never released. In early 2008, DramaQueen announced that it was reorganizing and would bring The Tyrant Falls in Love into print imminently;[7] however, after repeated delays and at least two official solicitation dates, the series remained unpublished. The series was available in scanlation, but DramaQueen issued cease and desist orders.[8]

At the 2009 Yaoi-Con, Juné announced they had acquired the license and would be releasing volume 1 in Summer of 2010.[9]


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