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The Rose of Versailles (ベルサイユのばら Berusaiyu no Bara?) is an adaptation of the manga series of the same name by Riyoko Ikeda, and was produced by Tokyo Movie Shinsha (TMS). It is part of the The Rose of Versailles media franchise. In 1979, it was released in Japan and ran from October 1979 to September 1980. Besides Japan, the series has also been broadcast in several other countries of Europe, Arab world and Latin America under the title of Lady Oscar.[1]

Production and release

The production staff included the most recognized animation professionals then, who contributed in the making of the 40 episodes of the anime. In spite of the difficulties they had to go through, the staff could continue with their work and took advantage of this problems. The most important of said incidents was the change of direction at the middle of the project, which marked a notable difference between the first half of the anime (directed by Tadao Nagahama) and the second one (directed by Osamu Dezaki).[2] Shingo Araki was the animation director and co-character designer along with Akio Sugino and Michi Himeno. Koji Makaino was in charge of the soundtrack.[3]

The anime was finally aired in October 10, 1979 in Japan on the channel Nihon Terebi. From this point, the series would be aired every Wednesday until September 3, 1980, with the airing of the last episode.


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