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The Ninja (ザ・ニンジャ?) is a fictional character from Yudetamago's manga and anime series Kinnikuman and its sequel Ultimate Muscle (Kinnikuman Nisei). In the English dub of Ultimate Muscle he is renamed Ninja Ned and is said to be from the US.


  • Classification: Akuma Choujin → Seigi Choujin(?)
  • Homeland: Japan 23x15px
  • Age: 24, 26 (Throne Arc), 60 (Nisei)
  • Height: 190 cm
  • Weight: 115 kg
  • Choujin Kyoudo: 3,600,000 Power
  • Trademark Techniques: Hell's Inferno, Waterbird Feather Ring, Binding Spider Web, Jungyaku Jizai no Jutsu, Tensho Jizai no Jutsu
  • First Appearance: Golden Mask Arc

Voice Actors


Jungyaku Jizai no Jutsu (順逆自在の術, Yin and Yang Switch Jutsu?)
In the midst of an opponent's attack, The Ninja moves at super speed and switches places with his opponent.
Tensho Jizai no Jutsu (転所自在の術, Area Transfer Jutsu?)
The Ninja takes out a sheet that covers the entire mat and gives it a new surface, from water to a volcano opening.
Ninpou • Kumo Ito Shibari (忍法・蜘蛛糸縛り, Ninja Art • Binding Spider Web?)
The Ninja grabs onto the ring ropes one by one and wraps them around his opponent. With his opponent trapped and defenseless in the middle of the ring, he begins attacking them.
Shounetsu Jigoku (焦熱地獄, Hell's Inferno?)
Using his Area Transfer Jutsu, The Ninja changes the mat into a volcano opening and drops the opponent inside it.
Karada Ayatsuri no Jutsu (身体あやつりの術, Body Manipulation Jutsu?)
The Ninja hide his body inside a hollow puppet of himself and manipulates the limbs of the puppet from inside, protecting him from decapitation and damage to his limbs. This technique's weakness is that it can be defeated by cutting the threads that move the puppet's limbs.
Ninpou Kaojashi (忍法顔写し, Ninja Art Face Copy?)
Ninpou • Suichou Urin no Jutsu (忍法・水鳥羽輪の術, Ninja Art • Waterfowl Feather Ring Jutsu?)
The Ninja produces hundreds of feathers from within the wrestling ring, has them float in ring shapes and then envelope and stap the opponent.
Gouka Urin no Jutsu (業火羽輪の術, Fiery Feather Ring Jutsu?)
Seten Dengakuzashi (背転田楽刺し, Spinning Back Skewer?)
Shuriken Stomping (手裏剣ストンピング?)
With the opponent hanging from the opening of the volcano created by his Hell's Inferno, The Ninja holds a pair of shurikens on his feet and stomps on them to make them fall.
Yami Kumo Otoshi (闇蜘蛛落とし, Dark Spider Drop?)


A ninjutsu choujin. Nicknamed Shounetsu Jigoku (焦熱地獄, Hell's Inferno). He was one of the Devil Knights who served Akuma Shogun and stole the Golden Mask of the Kinniku Tribe. When the Devil Knights retreated into Warsman's body for the Five-Story Ring battle, he fought Brocken Jr. Although he had the advantage throughout the fight, Brocken won in the end when he threw the both of them over the side of the ring. As they fell, Ninja disguised himself as Brocken so Robin Mask (in the next ring down) would save him. Robin only had time to save one Brocken so he fortunately grabbed the real one, causing Ninja to be killed when he was impaled on Junkman's spikes.

The Ninja appeared again, alive and reformed, as a member of Kinnikuman Soldier's team during the survivor series for the throne of Planet Kinniku. He died fighting Satan Cross, but was brought back to life along with the rest of Team Soldier by Kinnikuman's Face Flash.

Kinnikuman Nisei

Years later, The Ninja forms the Choujin Untouchables (超人特別機動警察隊(アンタッチャブル)?) with Ataru Kinniku (Soldier). He interrupted Mantaro's fight against Hanzou, who was captured by the Ninja after his best student, Kokumo, was killed. At the end, Hanzo kills The Ninja, who later helps Mantaro through the fight as a spirit.

His spirit reappears during the Demon Seed Arc to encourage Hanzou during his fight against Gepparland. Whether or not he is revived by the Reborn Diamond with the other fallen Seigi Choujin is unknown as he has not been seen since.

Career Information

  • One of the Six Devil Knights
  • Choujin Blood Brigade - Advance Guard
  • A True Ninja of Japan (日本の正統忍者, Nihon no Seitou Ninja?)
  • Red Hot Japanese Ninja (灼熱の日本忍者, Shakunetsu no Nihon Ninja?)
  • Policeman of Crying Children and Silent Tenacity (泣く子も黙る執念の警官(ポリス), Nakuko mo Damaru Shuunen no Porisu?)
  • The Man of A Thousand Jutsu (千の術を持つ男, Sen no Jutsu wo Motsu Otoko?)

Win/Loss Record

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