The Moorchild is a novel by Eloise McGraw, centering on the life of a changeling girl and drawing heavily from Irish and European folklore about changelings, leprechauns and fairies.


Moql/Saaski: the protagonist, first a young elfish creature, or Folk. She then is transformed into a human child, albeit an odd one. Often described as "Eldritch" and "Freaky odd." She shows no signs of wanting to belong with the other children, who she describes as dull and primitive.

Anwara: Saaski's adopted mother, a harassed young woman living in a small village by the moor. She often displays a kindly attitude towards Saaski, but is disheartened as the story progresses.

Yanno: the village's blacksmith, and Saaski's adoptive father. A huge man with the smell of iron about him, he is bemused by his daughter's oddities, but shows a gentle streak towards her and defends her from the villagers.

Tam: a lonely orphan, a shepherd on the moor who befriends Saaski and escapes with her to lands unknown.

Old Bess: Anwara's mother, a mysterious old woman living in a hut on the outskirts of town. She is very in tune with the ethereal world that Saaski was part of. She suspects Saaski's true identity from the start.

Saggabba: The weird knowlagable grandfather

Awards and nominations

It was awarded the Newbery Honor in 1997.[1]


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