The Harveytoons Show is a television series presenting theatrical animated cartoons produced from October 1950 until March 1962 and produced by Famous Studios, featuring Harvey Comics characters and series including: Casper the Friendly Ghost, Little Audrey, Tommy Tortoise and Moe Hare, Baby Huey, Herman and Katnip, and Modern Madcaps. The Film Roman version of Richie Rich has also been featured on the final season of The Harveytoons Show. The show itself contained 3 full cartoons and on 1 toontake a shorter version of cartoon. Jerry Beck was the show consultant.

In 2006, Classic Media released 52 of the 78 episodes produced on a four disc DVD set entitled Harvey Toons - The Complete Collection. The set is not actually complete though as most of the cartoons are missing credits and end titles. 42 are only in the show is ToonTake from and 16 short were left of the set and the last season that mostly contained original TV production were in addition dropped from the set.[1]

The Harveytoons Show broadcast history


This is a complete episode guide for the Harvey Comics animation anthology series The Harveytoons Show. The show was made up from Famous Studios produced cartoons from October 1950 until March 1962. The total product of theatrical cartoons during that period were 223 cartoons and for whatever reason there only 165 cartoons included in its full format apart from original theatrical titles as all titles were changed when Harvey got ownership of those Famous Studio cartoons. The rest of the 58 cartoons were ether only included as fragment (a.k.a ToonTakes) or 42 of them were not included on the show at all. Jerry Beck, the consultant of the show, later explained the trimming of the former group were only done to help episode to fit the half-hour format. The later group were excluded from the show both by oversight or because the content of those cartoons could be considered un-PC.

All original TV produced shorts on the show were either from later TV cartoons featuring Casper and the Film Roman version of Richie Rich and those were mostly featured in the final two seasons of The Harveytoons Show.

Every episode included 3 full cartoons (theatrical or TV product) and 1 ToonTake (theatrical or TV product).

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6


The following is list of Famous Studio shorts that are part of the Harveytoon library that were only included as fragments on the show:

  • Casper's Spree Under the Sea
  • Fresh Yeggs
  • Fiesta Time
  • Tweet Music
  • Drippy Mississippi
  • Hold the Lion Please
  • Miners 49ers
  • By Leaps and Hounds
  • Vegetable Vaudeville
  • Snooze Reel
  • Off We Glow
  • Cat Carson Rides Again
  • Fun at the Fair
  • Law and Audrey
  • Dizzy Dinosaurs
  • Gag and Baggage
  • Clown on the Farm
  • Forest Fantasy
  • Hysterical History
  • Starting from Hatch
  • Winner by a Hare
  • Aero-Nutics
  • Invention Convention
  • No Place Like Rome
  • Northwest Mousie
  • Surf and Sound
  • Candy Cabaret
  • Sleuth But Sure
  • Fishing Tackler
  • Ice Scream
  • Houndabout
  • The Boss is Always Right
  • From Dime to Dime
  • Busy Buddies
  • Counter Attack
  • Disguise the Limit
  • Mighty Termite
  • Hound About That
  • Trick or Tree
  • Without Time or Reason
  • Hi-Fi Jinx
  • TV or Not TV

Not included on the show

This is list of theatrical Harvey owned Famous Studio shorts that were not included on the show.

  • Sing Again Of Michigan
  • Slip Us Some Redskin
  • No If's Ands or Butts - Buzzy
  • Chew Chew Baby
  • Fun On Furlough - Herman & Katnip
  • Trigger Treat
  • Peck Your Own Home
  • Turning The Fables - Tommy Tortoise & Moe Hare
  • Northern Mites
  • Terry the Terror
  • In The Nicotine
  • Abner The Baseball
  • The Plot Sickens
  • Crumley Cogwell
  • Giddy Gadgets
  • Philharmaniacs

DVD releases

In 2006, Classic Media released 52 of the 78 episodes produced on a four disc DVD set entitled Harvey Toons - The Complete Collection. The set were both criticized and applauded by many animation fans and the original show consultant Jerry Beck as Classic Media didn't consult with him on making this DVDs set. He stated that he wouldn't have included the show format of those cartoons or just made sure that the cartoons were not packed in similar manner as on the show. Because that would make room for the ToonTakes to be in there full format and the cartoons that were not used on the original show would have been released on this set as well. He and many others applauded Classic Media though for very good picture quality of the shorts included and some for its low price tag for such high bunch of cartoon released at once.[2][3]

The following should be helpful in finding which of the 8 disc sides will contain as there are no information given inside the DVD keep case. the specific season and episode you may wish to access.

Note: Seasons 5 and 6 are not found in the 4 double-sided disc collection in spite of the DVD set's HarveyToons: The Complete Collection title. But many felt that the set was more meant to show case the original Famous Studio product and thus the omission of season 5 and 6 might be more understandable.

Episodes map to disc and title numbers as follows:

  • Disc 1A: Episodes 1-8 (Season 1)
    • Title 1: Episodes 1A-D (Intro is chapter 1; episodes always start at 2)
    • Title 2: Episodes 2A-D
    • Title 3: Episodes 3A-D
    • Title 4: Episodes 4A-D
    • Title 5: Episodes 5A-D
    • Title 6: Episodes 6A-D
    • Title 7: Play All
    • Title 8: Episodes 7A-D
  • Disc 1B: Episodes 8-14 (Season 1-2)
    • Title 1: Episodes 8A-D
    • Title 2: Episodes 9A-D
    • Title 3: Episodes 10A-D
    • Title 4: Episodes 11A-D
    • Title 5: Episodes 12A-D
    • Title 6: Episodes 13A-D
    • Title 7: Episodes 14A-D
    • Title 8: Play All
  • Disc 2A: Episodes 15-21 (Season 2)
    • Title 1: Episodes 15A-D
    • Title 2: Episodes 16A-D
    • Title 3: Episodes 17A-D
    • Title 4: Episodes 18A-D
    • Title 5: Episodes 19A-D
    • Title 6: Episodes 20A-D
    • Title 7: Episodes 21A-D
    • Title 8: Play All
  • Disc 2B: Episodes 22-28 (Season 2-3)
    • Title 1: Episodes 22A-D
    • Title 2: Episodes 23A-D
    • Title 3: Episodes 24A-D
    • Title 4: Episodes 25A-D
    • Title 5: Episodes 26A-D
    • Title 6: Episodes 27A-D
    • Title 7: Episodes 28A-D
    • Title 8: Play All
  • Disc 3A: Episodes 29-34 (Season 3)
    • Title 1: Episodes 29A-D
    • Title 2: Episodes 30A-D
    • Title 3: Episodes 31A-D
    • Title 4: Episodes 32A-D
    • Title 5: Episodes 33A-D
    • Title 6: Episodes 34A-D
    • Title 7: Play All
  • Disc 3B: Episodes 35-40 (Season 3-4)
    • Title 1: Episodes 35A-D
    • Title 2: Episodes 36A-D
    • Title 3: Episodes 37A-D
    • Title 4: Episodes 38A-D
    • Title 5: Episodes 39A-D
    • Title 6: Episodes 40A-D
    • Title 7: Play All
  • Disc 4A: Episodes 41-46 (Season 4)
    • Title 1: Episodes 41A-D
    • Title 2: Episodes 42A-D
    • Title 3: Episodes 43A-D
    • Title 4: Episodes 44A-D
    • Title 5: Episodes 45A-D
    • Title 6: Episodes 46A-D
    • Title 7: Play All
  • Disc 4B: Episodes 47-52 (Season 4)
    • Title 1: Episodes 47A-D
    • Title 2: Episodes 48A-D
    • Title 3: Episodes 49A-D
    • Title 4: Episodes 50A-D
    • Title 5: Episodes 51A-D
    • Title 6: Episodes 52A-D
    • Title 7: Play All


Apart from the Toontakes, only two cartoons of Famous Studio product fame were censored on the original show. Those were Drinks on the Mouse and Audrey The Rainmaker.



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