The Deptford Mice is a trilogy of novels by Robin Jarvis. They follow the story of a group of mice living in Deptford, London as they fight an evil cat god named Jupiter.

Novel series

The Dark Portal

In the sewers of Deptford there lurks a dark presence that fills the tunnels with fear. The rats worship it in the blackness and name it Jupiter, Lord of All.

Into this twilight realm wanders a small and frightened mouse. Far from family and friends he perishes, and in doing so is the unwitting trigger of a chain of events that hurls the Deptford Mice into a doom-laden world of terror and sorcery.

Can the mice survive against such evil? Or have they lost the comfortable world they once knew forever?

The Crystal Prison

Commanded by the Starwife to accompany the rat Madame Akkikuyu to the countryside, Audrey Brown becomes involved in a series of horrible murders. At first the simple country mice suspect her, but the truth is far more sinister.

The Final Reckoning

The ghostly spirit of Jupiter is back, more powerful than ever before. Bent on revenge, he smothers the world in an eternal winter of ice and snow.

Huddled around their fires, the Deptford Mice are worried: the mystical bats have fled the attic, and underground a new rat army is being mustered. With food short and no sign of spring, the mice know that a desperate struggle confronts them. Few will survive.

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