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The Crystal Prison is the second novel in the Deptford Mice Trilogy by Robin Jarvis (first published in 1989). Oswald is ill and he's hours from death. While Twit and Piccadilly vow to return to their home, Thomas arrives, telling Audrey that she must join him on a journey to Greenwich to speak to the Starwife. So Audrey, Thomas, and Twit went

they are told that the Chitters will all perish by the end of the night unless Audrey agrees to take Madame Akkikuyu to live in Twit's field. Although Oswald makes a full recovery.

Nicodemus, proves his powers to Akkikuyu

Nicodemus tells Madamme Akkikuyu to release him from his prison, and a girl has to replace his spot, Akkikuyu realises that he is referring to Audrey and agrees to do his bidding

Nicodemus chooses Alison for the sacrifice. Akkikuyu takes her to be sacrificed and halfway through, Nicodemus reveals that he is Jupiter, and that he will inhabit Akkikuyu's body as soon as he is freed from the Crystal Prison. for redemption Madamme Akkikuyu leaps into the flames, saving Alison and holding Jupiter imprisoned for the time being. Akkikuyu is buried in great honour.

Now that Akkikuyu is dead, Audrey's deal with the Starwife is void

and a little while later Jupiter's prison is smashed unknowingly by Alison and he flies into the air, vowing revenge on those who opposed him...


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  • This is the last appearance of Twit in the Deptford Mice series, although he is mentioned throughout The Final Reckoning. It is unknown if he is to cross paths with the others again, as it is noted that neither Arthur or Audrey would ever return to Fennywolde.
  • Madame Akkikuyu's role in The Crystal Prison is very similar to Morgan's in The Final Reckoning. Both are happier than they have ever been in their life, both lives are ruined by Jupiter at its end and both commit suicide.

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