The Collected Poems of Freddy the Pig (1953) is the brief 21st book in the humorous children's series Freddy the Pig written by American author Walter R. Brooks and illustrated by Kurt Wiese. It is not a story, but mostly a reprint of poems and songs that appeared in the series to that point. There are some new poems by Brooks, and new illustrations by Wiese. The cover reads, "If it seems a bit hammy in spots, that is to be expected". The first edition was published in hardcover in 1953 by Knopf.[1] It was republished in 1962 by Random House, and again in 2001 by the Overlook Press.[2]

The original purchase price was $2.50 (well over $17 2009 USD).[3]

On release The New York Times commented in part, "gaily decorated with line drawings by Kurt Wiese".[4]


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