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The Clock Maker is an American comic book published by Image Comics starting in January 2003. The comic was written by Jim Krueger and pencilled by Matt Smith (Act I) and Jason Baroody (Act II).

The title was launched during a new superhero comics initiative at Image. The story is about a giant clockworks hidden within a hollow mountain in Switzerland. Hundreds of men that never age maintain the old behemoth's operation. The clock is the cause and sustainer of the Earth's revolutions—and more, it is the gateway to Heaven itself.

Three Acts

The Clock Maker was originally intended to be a 12-issue limited series. Later, it was divided into three acts. The first four issues were reprinted as Act I. Act II was made up of all-new material, and Act III was never published.

The first four issues were published as double-sized editions with a 1:1 reproduction ratio, meaning the original art was not resized when it was published. The books were folded in half to fit on standard news racks, and in the current sized protective polymer bags. Despite the detailed view of the art, readers reacted negatively to the oversized format, perceiving a decline in potential value. After the fourth issue, The Clock Maker adopted the standard comic dimensions.

Act II was never printed in the serial format, but only as a 48-page graphic novel (ISBN 1-58240-377-5) in 2004. Act three was intended to be published in the same manner, but, to this date, has never surfaced. Krueger maintains that the book will be out “in the near future” and that a collection will also be forthcoming.[1]


  • Inker: Michael Halbleib
  • Letterer: John D. Roberts
  • Colorist: Brett Weldele


  1. Ness, Alex. "Jim Krueger—Writer of Myth". Alex Ness—Thoughts From the Land of Frost. Pop Thought. Retrieved 2006-11-28. The lettering will be done in the near future. And then the final act will come out—we'll do a collection. 



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