Texas Comics was an American shortlived independent comics company set up in 1983 by several Texas based comic book fans, who had worked together before on the Comics Informer fanzine. It had licenced the then popular superhero series Justice Machine from its creator, Mike Gustovich after his previous publisher, Noble Comics had closed.

Texas Comics had planned to bring out a bimonthly Justice Machine series, but in the end it only produced one comic, the Justice Machine Annual. This however was significant because it contained the first appearance of Bill Willingham's Elementals, as well as a crossover between the Justice Machine and the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, a famous 1960s superhero team originally published by Tower Comics. The Elementals were supposed to become a bimonthly series as well, alternating with the Justice Machine. After Texas Comics folded, both series were taken over by Comico Comics.


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