Script error Script error Teppei Fukushima (福島 鉄平 ふくしま てっぺい?) (born April 23, 1979) is a Japanese manga artist.


Debuted in Comic Flapper in 2000. After repeated submissions to the Weekly Shonen Jump monthly prize competition redebuted in Akamaru Jump in 2003.

Has worked as an assistant to Yūki Nakashima (Kirihōshi) and Kimiya Kaji (Dark God Kō — Surprise in the Darkness!).


Title Serialized in From issue
Milk Era Comic Flapper September 2000
Boot Bruce Comic Flapper October 2000
Okashira-sama Comic Flapper April 2001
Get Two Comic Flapper December 2001
Screw's Loose Comic Flapper June 2002
Milk Era "Go Chō" Comic Flapper July 2002
Dessert Comic Flapper August 2002
Red Akamaru Jump Summer 2003
Nine Akamaru Jump Winter 2003
Pool Soul Weekly Shonen Jump 2004 #34 (Gold Future Cup competition entry)
Yossh!! Weekly Shonen Jump 2004 #52
Samurai Usagi Weekly Shonen Jump 2007 #14

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