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Temari Matsumoto (松本 テマリ Matsumoto Temari?) April 8, is a Japanese manga artist and illustrator from Nagano Prefecture.

She illustrates light novels and is also a writer of yaoi manga. She got her pen name from a popular item made in the city she is from. Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture is known for making temari (手毬?).[1]




  • Kyo Kara Maoh! series[2]
  • Aommomoin Gakuen Fuuki (青桃院学園風紀録?) Series by Tatsuki Shindou
  • Grand Master! (グランドマスター!?) Series by Satomi Kikawa
  • Animate Concierge (アニメイト・コンシェルジュ?)

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