For Example, This is a Love Song (たとえばこんなラヴ・ソング Tatoeba Konna Rabu Songu?) is a shōnen manga by Taku Kitazaki. The manga originally ran in Shōnen Sunday 1990 volume 28 through 1991 volume 50 in Japan.


The story revolves around a love triangle that forms between Ryusuke, Ryusuke's first girlfriend, Hitomi, and Mariko, who Ryusuke has been dating.


Ryusuke Takase (高瀬 龍介 Takase Ryuusuke?)
A very handsome young student at the University of Tokyo, he excels at sports, and is a very good student. Despite his good looks, he is not a very skilled lover.
Hitomi Nanao (七穂 瞳 Nanao Hitomi?)
Ryusuke's former girlfriend, they encounter each other again when she meets him in college.
Mariko Yagi (八木 真里子 Yagi Mariko?)
Ryusuke's current girlfriend, she has short hair and is attending a women's university.
Eiichi Okabe (岡部 栄一 Okabe Eiichi?)
A biker that attended the same middle school as Ryusuke and Hitomi many years ago.
Hitomi's Tutor
He's currently enrolled at Hitotsubashi University, and harbors feelings for Hitomi.

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