Tamao Satō (さとう 珠緒 Satō Tamao?, originally 佐藤 珠緒) (born on January 2, 1974) is a Japanese actress, seiyu (voice actress), television personality and model from Funabashi, Chiba, perhaps best known for co-hosting "O-Sama Brunch", a Tokyo Broadcasting System Saturday morning show.[1]


Voice roles include the narrator of the Pokémon short film Pikachu Exploration Party as well as the "voice" of a computer motherboard manufactured by AOpen.

Satō's roles seem to have caused some controversy in Japan, with some news Japanese women voting her as unlikeable.[2]

In addition, Satō has stated in several occasions (such as interviews and conferences) to have hated playing the role of Momo Maruo/OhPink in Choriki Sentai Ohranger, replying that it is "a poor work that ruined her carrier" and "that she would never do it again". Since these statements, Satō avoids talking about it in interviews.[citation needed]

In 2005, she made an appearance in the Main Event at the 2005 World Series of Poker after winning a seat on a gameshow it is her only appearance in American TV.

Voice roles


Live roles

  • Rug Cop (2006)
  • Nurseman ga Yuku (2004)
  • Ichiban Taisetsuna Date ~ Tokyo no Sora, Shanghai no Yume (2004)
  • Kyohansha (2003)
  • Okaasan to Issho (2003)
  • Suicide Club (2002)
  • Tsugumi e... (2000)
  • Omiai Kekkon (2000)
  • Mama chari deka (1999)
  • Hashire koumuin (1998)
  • Oatsui no ga Osuki? (NTV, 1998)
  • Koi wa aserazu (1998)
  • Love Generation (1997)


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