Takashi Koizumi (小泉堯史 Koizumi Takashi) (November 6, 1944, Mito) is a Japanese film director.

Filmography as Assistant Director

  1. Ran (乱) (1985)
  2. Akira Kurosawa's Dreams (夢) (1990)
  3. Rhapsody in August (八月の狂詩曲) (1991)
  4. Madadayo (まあだだよ) (1993)

Filmography as Director

  1. After the Rain (雨あがる) (1999)
  2. Letters from the Mountains (阿弥陀堂だより) (2002)
  3. The Professor and his Beloved Equation (博士の愛した数式) (2006)
  4. Best Wishes for Tomorrow (明日への遺言) (2007)

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