Takashi Hashiguchi (橋口 たかし Hashiguchi Takashi?, born June 2, 1967 in Tokyo) is a Japanese manga artist. He is best known for his manga series Yakitate!! Japan, for which he won the Shogakukan Manga Award for shōnen in 2004.[1] Hashiguchi won a newcomer's award in 1987 (published in a magazine),[citation needed] and Combat Teacher debuted the following year in the same magazine.

A prevailing theme seen throughout his manga is the realization of childhood dreams, such as making bread in Yakitate!! Japan or becoming a yo-yo master in Super Yo-Yo (Chousoku Spinner). Hashiguchi mainly focuses on unusual occupations or sports.

He enjoys comedy as well, and took a brief interlude from drawing to try his luck as a comedian.


His works include:

  • Combat Teacher (1988)
  • Kinniku Kurabu (1991)
  • Chie-Baachan No Chiebukuro (1992)
  • Suto Ii Bashuko! Yon-Koma Gag Gaiden (1993)
  • Caster Mairu Zo (1995)
  • Windmill (manga)|Windmill (1997)
  • Super Yo-Yo (Chousoku Spinner) (1997)
  • Scissors (2000)
  • Yakitate!! Japan (2002)[2][3]
  • Saijō no Meii (2008)


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