Takako Shimura (志村貴子 Shimura Takako?, born October 23, 1973) is a female manga artist primarily known for her manga works published in Japan which feature LGBT (especially about lesbian and transgender) topics. Originally from Kanagawa, she now resides in Tokyo. Her series Aoi Hana was adapted as an anime television series broadcast in 2009. Her series Wandering Son has been licensed in English by Fantagraphics Books and an anime adaptation has been announced.[1]


  • Shikii no Jūnin (敷居の住人?) (1997-2002, 7 volumes)
  • Seikatsu Ijishō (生活維持省?) (2003, one-shot)
  • Boku wa, Onna no Ko (ぼくはおんなのこ?) (2003, 1 volume)
    • Boku wa Onna no Ko (ぼくはおんなのこ?)
    • Rakuen ni Ikō (楽園に行こう?)
    • Shōnen no Musume (少年の娘?)
    • Akemi no Theme: Teruo-hen (アケミのテーマ テルオ編?)
    • Akemi no Theme: Yoshio-hen (アケミのテーマ ヨシオ編?)
    • Akemi no Theme: Haruo-hen (アケミのテーマ ハルオ編?)
    • Hana (?)
    • sweet16
  • Dōnika Naru Hibi (どうにかなる日々?) (2002-2004, 2 volumes)
  • Love Buzz (ラヴ・バズ?) (2002-2005, 3 volumes)
  • Wandering Son (放浪息子 Hōrō Musuko?) (2002-ongoing, 10 volumes)[1]
  • Aoi Hana (青い花?) (2004-ongoing, 5 volumes)[2]
  • Kawaii Akuma (かわいい悪魔?) (4 chapters, canceled)
  • Toaru Hi (とあるひ?) (2004-2005, 2 chapters)
  • Route 225 (ルート225?) (adaptation of the Chiya Fujino novel, 2007-2008, 1 volume)
  • Fushō no Musuko (不肖の息子?) (2009, one-shot)


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