Takako Shigematsu is a Japanese manga artist most famous for her manga series Tenshi Ja Nai. Her first manga, published in 1995, told the tale of an all boys dorm. However, it wasn't until her 2002 release of 3 Meters from the Sun that she truly stepped into the spotlight as a professional manga artist. Since then she has worked on several series, such as King of the Lamp and Tenshi Ja Nai. Tenshi Ja Nai was her first series to see an official English publication. Takako is also known for her pet pug, Molly, who is mentioned in most of her manga.

Published works

  • 3 Meters from the Sun 2002
  • Tenshi Ja Nai (I'm No Angel) 2002
  • Lamp no Ou-sama (King of the Lamp) 2005
  • Ultimate Venus 2007

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