Takahiro Mizushima (水島 大宙 Mizushima Takahiro?, born June 14, 1976 in Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan) is a Japanese seiyū. He has a blood type of A, and is affiliated with Production baobab. When voicing adult games, he is known as Uta Kijima (木島 宇太 Kijima Uta?).

Notable voice roles

TV Anime

Lead roles in bold.


Video Game

Lead roles in bold.



  • Fuji TV’s My Wife’s Having an Affair This Week?
  • Fanes (TBS’s I’m Gonna Give It to You Straight! 7/25/2006)

Drama CD

Lead roles in bold.

External links

ar:تاكاهيرو ميزشيما

ko:미즈시마 다카히로th:ทาคาฮิโระ มิสุชิมะ zh:水島大宙

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