The Sun's Soldier Poka Poka (太陽の戦士ポカポカ Taiyō no Senshi Poka Poka?) is a shōnen manga by Kōji Kumeta. The manga began its serialization in Shōnen Sunday from 1996 vol. 39 and ended a year later in 1997 vol. 39. The series was Kumeta's attempt to create a Jump-like action-comedy series, though it ultimately failed to find a significant audience. By the time the 31st chapter was published, there was talk of an anime adaptation, but nothing developed.


Riku Horikawa loves to dig, he loves it so much that he's earned the nickname "the Man with the Shovel of God". Most of Riku's discoveries wind up in his father's antique shop, until he finds a mysterious bracelet that leads him on an adventure with a boomerang wielding robotic soldier named Poka Poka.

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