15-year old Haine comes from a complicated past. Her once well-to-do family 'sold' her to the Otomiya family in exchange for a 50 million-yen business loan. On top of that, her brief stint as a juvenile delinquent in middle school has tainted her reputation in her new school, the elite Imperial Academy.

Haine also has another secret: She has a major crush on Shizumasa Togu, a.k.a. "The Emperor." Shizumasa is the student council president and she's been in love with him from afar since she was a little girl.

Like the Japanese Emperor, Shizumasa is treated with complete reverence and is kept shielded from the chattering masses. The only people who have unrestricted access to his company is the student council, the crème de la crème of this elite school.

Through a series of wacky circumstances, Haine finds herself appointed to the council as the bodyguard for the Emperor – but can she protect herself from the complex web of intrigue surrounding the student council and protect her heart from the Shizumasa's stern demeanor and slightly manipulative ways?

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