Suzue Miuchi (美内 すずえ Miuchi Suzue?, born February 20, 1951) is a Japanese mangaka and author of long running shōjo manga Glass Mask. She was born in Nishinomiya, Japan and grew up in Osaka. She won the Kodansha Manga Award (1982) for Youkihi-den[1] and the Japan Cartoonists Association Award (1995).

In December 1975, Miuchi began work on Glass Mask which is regarded as her representative work today. Although the core shōjo manga fandom at the time viewed this series blatantly conservative and obsolete, its popularity turned out to be sensational and it has gained a huge mass of admirers during its run for more than 30 years. Miuchi is now a big-name shōjo manga artist enjoying the fact that Glass Mask is still attracting a new generation of fans, while the long-time fans are eagerly waiting for the conclusion.[citation needed]

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