Sutobasu Yarō Show: 3 on 3 Basketball (ストバスヤロウ将?) is a Japan-exclusive Street basketball video game for the Super Famicom which was released in 1994.


The game was based on the Japanese manga series Sutobasu Yarō Show by Koji Kousaka, which was serialized in the magazine Monthly Shōnen Jump. The gameplay consists of three-on-three streetball games, taking place on the Southeastern United States. There are six streetball courts: square, gym, roof, shovel, slum, and car. In the "Street cup" mode, the player controls the Jumps team which consists of three members: Kida Taro, Nagaoka Kyosuke and Akashi Show, having to compete against five other teams, while the music captures the attitude and atmosphere of the sport. In the options mode the player can view the teams/players' data and read some of the Street basketball rules.


Screenshot showing the game play.

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