Sunset on Third Street (三丁目の夕日 夕焼けの詩 San-Chōme no Yūhi Yūyake no Uta?) is a Japanese manga series by Ryōhei Saigan. As of 2009, 56 volumes of the manga have been published. It was also a short-lived anime series from 1990 to 1991 and a pair of films: Always Sanchōme no Yūhi and Always Zoku Sanchōme no Yūhi were based on stories and characters from the manga. It won the 27th Shogakukan Manga Award for general manga.[1]


The comic is set in postwar Japan between 1955 and 1964 and focuses on stories illustrating the humor and pathos of ordinary life in the Japan of that era, mainly about the residents of the fictional Tokyo neighborhood of "San-Chome" - "Third Block" . However, many stories take place with one-story characters (not only people but animals and legendary creatures) and in other parts of Japan.


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