Strawberry Shortcakes (aka. Sweet Cream & Red Strawberries) is a one-volume manga written and illustrated by Kiriko Nananan, published by Shodensha in 2002.[1] It is about the lives of four young women in a large city.[2] It was licensed in French by Casterman manga imprint Sakka[3] and in Italy by Kappa Edizioni.[4] Strawberry Shortcakes was adapted into a film of the same title.[5] It was once licensed for English release by Central Park Media as Sweet Cream & Red Strawberries.[6]


Xavier Guilbert, writing for du9, feels it is quite different from other josei manga.[2] M. Natali, writing for BD Gest', notes that the nonlinear presentation of the women's stories reinforces the connection between the characters, a resonance between the four characters lives, their feelings and disappointments.[7] The reviewer for Manga-News said that the author "managed to get it right".[8] Art wise both du9 and BD Gest' described it as uncluttered & aerial,[2][9] and the use of oblong panels taking all the width of the page as reinforcing the impression of intimacy.[10][2]


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