Strangeways is a weird western/Western comic book mini-series created and written by Matt Maxwell. Published in graphic novel format instead of single issues, and currently appearing in serial version at Comic Book Resources.

The story is set in the Western United States after the end of the Civil War but before the closing of the frontier. It is an example of Weird West fiction, combining elements of horror (specially werewolves) and science fiction within a Western setting.[1]

Publication history

Originally solicited for publication by Speakeasy Comics in 2005,[1] Strangeways was pulled from their schedule by the author when it became clear that Speakeasy's financial troubles would shut the company down before completion of even the first story arc. Recently resolicited by Highway 62 Press, the first Strangeways graphic novel, Strangeways: Murder Moon (ISBN 978-0-9796957-0-4) was published in 2008.[2]

The second story Strangeways: The Thirsty[2] was serialized at[3] and then at Robot6 at Comic Book Resources.[4]

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