Story manga (Japanese: ストーリー漫画) is one of the styles of Manga, using the time-control technique on each double-page spread. It is distinguished from the "one frame cartoon" and "one page comic strip". It is also different from "Gag Manga", which uses the old step-by-step frames.

The time-control technique of Story Manga is used on each double-page spread, which means that the frames are set out chronologically, linked by motion lines or onomatopoeia.

A prototype version of this style can be seen in "Krazy Katt", although that was still a one-panel comic strip. The Story Manga style began in Japan in 1923 with "Sho-chan no Bouken" (Sho-chan's Adventure), which has 52 frames over 13 pages for each story. This pre-dates The Adventures of Tintin, first published in 1929, and "Superman" from 1933. The use of the time-control system became established through the work of Osamu Tezuka in the period immediately following World War II.

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