Stephan Weyte, is a voice actor in computer games, one of his more well known roles was as the voice for the main character Caleb in the computer game Blood and its sequel Blood II: The Chosen. He is also known for starring in a variety of Humongous Entertainment's children's games, most notably the Pajama Sam and Freddi Fish series (ironic given the character of Caleb). During the late 1990s he was very much involved in Monolith Productions, voicing the previously mentioned roles in the Blood series and also voicing in Claw and Get Medieval (as well as the Monolith published Gorky 17, otherwise known as Odium). He has also voiced in a variety of other games, a good deal of which were published by Sierra Online. He specializes in humorous voices and accents.

He attended Boston University and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

Stephan Weyte played Jack Stern in the 2004 film Mixing Karma.

Video games

Stephan Weyte has voiced for these Video Games (this list is incomplete):

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