Steel Harbor is a decaying, sprawling urban nightmare of a city which acts as one of the settings in Dark Horse Comics now dead line of Comics Greatest World. While the entire Team CGW was involved with the creation of each of the settings, Chris Warner was charged with the majority of design for the Steel Harbor locale. The city itself was a combination of Detroit and Watts during the period of their 1960's riots, only this time the violence was between superpowered gangs fighting for turf. One feature of various series was the commentary, supposedly on the radio, by a brassy talk-show host who bemoaned the plight of his city and called out the weak police and political powers in Steel Harbor for allowing the city to descend into such violence. Several series were set in Steel Harbor. Only Barb Wire was truly successful.

Series set in Steel Harbor

Barb Wire

The Machine

Wolf Gang


Series Creative Staff Information

  • 1-5: D.G.Chichester, writer/Karl Waller, pencils/Tim Bradstreet, inks/Simon Bisley, covers.
  • 6: Chichester, writer/Waller, pencils/Eric Shanower, inks/Bisely, covers.
  • (7-8): See 6. Note: Unofficially, the two issue King Tiger/Motorhead crossover consisted of the previously unpublished remaining issues of the series.

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