Starz is a manga anime comics magazine in Malaysia.

The original theme of the magazine was Majalah Komik Gaya Urban ("Urban style comic magazine") but was later changed to Majalah Manga Anime Terkini, ("Latest manga anime magazine"). Its first issue came out on June 4, 2004.

It is published twice each month by Art Square Creation Sdn. Bhd. Since then Starz has been one of the most popular comic magazines in Malaysia. The articles are about the latest anime, manga, and anime-related things such as DVDs, OSTs, and toys. Besides articles, the magazine also has comics made by great Malaysian comic artists such as Zint (Under 18-No Fear), Kaoru (Helios Eclipse), Fatal Chaos (Ben), Loveville (Aie), Zoology (Stanley G) and many more.

In February 2007, GempakStarz editor's made the decision to turn Starz into a monthly magazine. Starz no longer show cases the comics of local comics save a few shorties. Instead, Starz now showcases information on the latest manga, animations, movies, lyrics and artists.

All of the comics that used to be printed in Starz have now been moved to their other magazine (Gempak) with the exception of Dewi Remaja.

Starz ended in September 2008 in their 80th issue. All staff member who work with the magazine along with some of the articles in Starz were later transferred to Gempak magazine.


The local artists consist of

  • Keith,
  • Bob
  • C2v,
  • Zheng Zeng Zhong
  • Ben,
  • Kaoru,
  • Puyuh,
  • Apoh,
  • Zint,
  • Clay,
  • Stanley G,
  • Ayour and
  • Kenny

List of Starz's Comic

1. Helios Eclipse (now in Gempak) - by Kaoru
2. Fatal Chaos (now in Gempak) - by Ben
3. Under 18 (now in Gempak) - by Zint
4. Begitu Indah - by Totoro and Nazim Masnawi
5. Loveville - by Aie
6. Psyskool - by Aie
7. Zoology (now in Gempak) - by Stanley G, Neko, Jo and Keith
8. Musicat - by U-Team
10.Punch! - by Aliow



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