Star Comics is an Italian comic book publisher born in December 1985 that publishes Italian edition of manga and Italian comics in Italy. Until the birth of Marvel Italia (now an imprint of Panini Comics) in 1994 it also published Italian editions of many Marvel Comics's comic books. Star comics has twenty-eight publishing branches and as of 2007 has published a total of 316 manga series in Italy.

Publishing Branches

  1. Action
  2. Amici
  3. Anime comics
  4. Dragon
  5. Dragon Quest
  6. Express
  7. Fan
  8. Ghost
  9. Greatest
  10. Gundam universe
  11. Hot
  12. Kappa extra
  13. Kappa magazine
  14. Kappa magazine speciale
  15. KM Presenta
  16. Mitico
  17. Neverland
  18. Point break
  19. Shot
  20. Starlight
  21. Storie di kappa
  22. Techno
  23. Turn over
  24. Up
  25. Up Speciale
  26. Young
  27. Zero
  28. Albi fuoriserie

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