Named after Stan Cross, the Stanley Awards, also known as The Stanleys are issued annually by the Australian Cartoonists' Association and recognise the best of Australian cartoonists and cartooning.

The Silver Stanley award is now known as the Jim Russell Award and is awarded to a cartoonist for services to the cartooning industry.


2009 Winners:

Illustrator - sponsored by Viscopy: Anton Emdin

Graphic Media Artist - sponsored by David Follett

Comic Strip Artist - sponsored by The Daily Telegraph: Gary Clark

Single Gag Cartoonist - sponsored by The Courier Mail: Matt Golding

Caricaturist - sponsored by The Australian: John Spooner

Political/Editorial Cartoonist - sponsored by The Sydney Morning Herald: Peter Broelman

Gold Stanley - Cartoonist Of The Year - sponsored by The Herald Sun: Peter Broelman

Jim Russell Award for contribution to Australian cartooning: Norm Hetherington (Mr Squiggle)

Freelance political cartoonist, Adelaide-based Peter Broelman, has been awarded Cartoonist of the Year at the 25th annual Stanley Awards, presented in Sydney on November 14, 2009. Broelman, whose cartoons appear in a host of regional newspapers across Australia said he was really chuffed to receive the award, which came on the back of the Stanley Award for Editorial/Political Cartoonist earlier in the evening.


External links

  • The Stanleys - from the Australian Cartoonists' Association official website

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