Spunky Knight is a hentai manga series by Kozo Yohei (傭兵小僧 Yōhei Kozō?). The stories are set in a fictitious medieval Europe (much like a Dungeons & Dragons setting) wherein Phaia, the protagonaist, travels around making ends meet through a combination of prostitution and collecting bounties. The themes are typical of the genre, and frequently depict sadomasochism, tentacle rape, demons, futanari, rape, etc.

There are several titles under the series:

  • Spunky Knight (PUNKY KNIGHT パンキーナイト Pankī Naito?) (5 volumes)
    • Spunky Knight Extreme (PUNKY KNIGHT PINKY PHAIA パンキーナイト・ピンキーパイア Pankī Naito Pinkī Paia?) (4 volumes)
    • Spunky Knight XXX (PUNKY KNIGHT BOUNCING PHAIA パンキーナイト・バウンシングパイア Pankī Naito Baunshingu Paia?) (7 volumes)

(note: this list may not be complete)

In the U.S., Eros Comix has published three series (Spunky Knight, Spunky Knight Extreme, and Spunky Knight XXX Extreme). The first series was reprinted in Trade paperback.

This artist has another comic, Dangerous☆Girls (デンジャラス☆ギャルズ Denjarasu☆Gyaruzu?), published by France Shoin.

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