The Wardstone Witches (Spook's Stories: Witches) is a short-story anthology written by English writer Joseph Delaney, that was released in October 2009 as part of the expanding series The Wardstone Chronicles.[1]


The Wardstone Witches is an anothology of short stories concerning the witches and their clans in Lancashire, as well as some other well-known characters in the series. Joseph Delaney has written five narratives about various characters;

John Gregory and Meg

A short story which explores John Gregory's life with Meg, a Lamia witch, whom John Gregory has feelings for.


An explanation, through her own viewpoint, how Grimalkin became the assassin of the Malkin witch clan.

Dirty Dora

A short story about Dirty Dora, a 'dead' witch.

Tom Ward and Bill Arkwright

Tom and Bill Arkwright have an adventure together in this short story. They deal with a large worme and a banshee which later turns out to be a Celtic witch assassin.

Alice Deane and Bony Lizzie

Alice Deane shares the story of her first week of training to be a witch with Bony Lizzie, a malevolent witch.


  • The Wardstone Witches was written by Joseph Delaney to replace the delayed publication of The Spook's Bestiary


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