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Slave Doll (こわれもの Kowaremono?) is an H anime OVA created by Otakey Sasaki released in 1999. The series revolves around Aki, a busty android maid constructed by the Gene (pronounced Gen-a) Corporation. Her function, besides being a household maid, is the collection of male genetic material (semen) through sexual means, after which it is saved, possibly for species preservation.


Aki is an Android maid created by the Gene Corporation sent to infiltrate the house of the mysterious Kenichi. She disguises herself as an ordinary housekeeper and begins her mission to capture a sample of Kenichi`s superior sperm which is made easy by her master's insatiable lust towards her.


Template:Sect-stub Bamboo Dong, writing for Anime News Network, disliked the humiliation themes of the OVA. She found the story to be "standard", but "disjointed and awkward", attributing some of this to her dislike.[1] Michael Thomas enjoyed the hints at Aki's past, and enjoyed the allusions to Cream Lemon and Wedding Peach.[2] Derek Guder found the sex scenes "rote and unimaginative", but enjoyed the bad acting on the English dub track, finding it in parts "so bad it's good".[3]


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