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Siren Visual is an Australian company which specialises in the distribution of Japanese anime, documentaries and off-beat cinema in Australia and New Zealand.

Founder and managing director Nigel Rennard started Siren in 1987 as a music distribution company, and expanded to include VHS distribution in 1994, starting with the distribution of Anime from Manga Entertainment's UK division. It then expanded to acquiring Anime like Astro Boy and Pokémon. It expanded to distribution of Arthouse, Horror and Asian Cinema. In 1997 it was named the distributor for Madman Entertainment, who bought the Australian licenses to all Manga UK anime, and later on acquired licenses from ADV Films and Funimation. In 2001 Siren was no longer a home entertainment distributor and is now solely an acquisition company, after it lost its biggest client, Madman Entertainment who established its distribution arm, The AV Channel.[1]

In the early 2000s, Siren repositioned itself as a specialist licensing company. Distribution was outsourced to Shock Records.[2] At the beginning of 2007 Siren parted ways with Shock Records, teaming up with independent sales and distribution company Gryphon Entertainment.[3]

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