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Shuffle! Prologue is a short OVA teaser for the Shuffle! anime series based on the visual novel of the same name. While some of the animation was reused for the first episode of the anime series, most of Shuffle! Prologue is unique animation not repeated in the series, although the story itself is retold.


While much of Shuffle! Prologue was later retold in the first episode of the series, there are some notable differences.

The end credits also contains a slideshow of CG art moments from the visual novel, which were not present in the anime series unless otherwise noted:

  • Rin walks in on Kaede while she's in her underwear.
  • Kaede is sewing up a hole in a uniform shirt. In the visual novel, she then lifts the shirt up to show that she's accidentally sewn the shirt onto her skirt, exposing her panties.
  • Sia is buying meat at the store. (In episode 1 of the anime series.)
  • Rin is grabbing Sia by her bloomers to stop her from falling, exposing her panties.
  • The scene where Rin walks in on Asa as she's using the toilet. (In episode 7 of the anime series.)
  • Rin is feeding Asa a tako-kun style sausage with chopsticks. (In the anime series.)
  • The scene where Nerine falls down in her non-uniform dress.
  • Nerine in her school bathing suit at the school pool. (While Nerine is shown in her school uniform at the beach in the anime, the scene at the pool is not in the anime series.)
  • Rin walks in on Primula changing.
  • Primula as she's waking up from sleeping in bed with Rin.

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