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Shonen Magz is a Shōnen-oriented manga magazine published monthly by Elex Media Komputindo. It is the Indonesian version of the Japanese Shonen Magazine and therefore, contains Kodansha-published works only. It was published shortly after the success of the local edition of Nakayoshi.

Despite its orientation towards the male spectrum of manga readers, censorship is still considered to be too strict although a lot more lenient when compared to older Shōnen-oriented manga published by Elex.

Currently Running Manga Series

Title Mangaka Date of Debut
BECK Harold Sakuishi 02004-06 June 2004
Code: Breaker Akimine Kamijyo 02010-03 March 2010
Fairy Tail Hiro Mashima 02007-09 September 2007
Ghost's Doctor Yuki Sato 02008-12 December 2008
Kindaichi Case Files Seimaru Amagi & Fumiya Sato 02005-09 September 2005 - 02006-03 March 2006

02008-01 January 2008

KungFu Boy Legends Takeshi Maekawa 02007-05 May 2007 - 02007-08 August 2007

02007-11 November 2007

Sanzoku Ou Hirofumi Sawada 02004-06 June 2004 - 02006-03 March 2006

02008-07 July 2008

School Rumble Jin Kobayashi 02004-06 June 2004
Tokkyu! Yoichi Komori & Mitsuro Kubo 02005-03 March 2005
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle CLAMP 02004-06 June 2004
Vinland Saga Makoto Yukimura 02008-01 January 2008

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