Shohei Harumoto (東本 昌平 Harumoto Shōhei?, born 5 September ?) is a Japanese mangaka from Nerima, Tokyo.

Harumoto made his debut with a regular serialisation in Weekly Manga Action, in 1987, his first breakthrough manga called Kirin, about street racing centered on a motorcycles was serialised in the motorcycle magazine, Mr Bike BG.

The majority of his work tend to be about motorcycles with the exception of SS which is centralised about cars

His manga SS has since been adapted into a movie to be released in early 2008.

Known Works


Title Publisher Volume Serialisation Year of print Note
Kirin Weekly Manga Action
Shonen Gahosha
~34 1987 known in Asian prints as Thunderstorm Rider (暴風騎士)
SS Shogakukan 9 Big Comic Superior 2000~2003
Hi! Hi! Hi! Shonen Gahosha 3 2004
CB Gan Shogakukan 8 Big Comic Spirits 2004~2007
Tekkon: Shohei Harumoto Illustration Works Shonen Gahosha 2004
Shohei Harumoto Ride ~6 2007~

Character design

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