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Silvery Savior: Fist of the North Star Toki Side-Story (銀の聖者 北斗の拳 トキ外伝Shirogane no Seija - Hokuto no Ken - Toki Gaiden?) is a manga by Yuka Nagate that was published on the Weekly Comic Bunch from 2007 throughout 2009, lasting six collected editions. It is the third spinoff of the manga Fist of the North Star by Buronson and Tetsuo Hara published in Comic Bunch, following Ten no Haō and Sōkoku no Garō. The manga centers around Toki, the second eldest of Kenshiro's honorary brothers, as he seeks to use his knowledge of Hokuto Shinken to heal the sick and depicts events prior to Toki's introduction in the original manga.


Toki, the second of four honorary brothers trained in the art of Hokuto Shinken, was said to possess the most graceful skills out of the four brothers. However, he was forced to surrender his pursuit of the succession after being bathed in a radioactive fallout during the Nuclear War, and began wandering the wasteland with no aim, accompanied by his servant Ramo.

During his journey, Toki stumbles into a village where all its residents are on the verge on death due to an illness. Toki decides to heal everyone in the village and on the very next day, everyone is miraculously healed. The villagers welcomed Toki with open arms for restoring his hope and Toki sees this as an opportunity to accomplish his lifelong dream of becoming a doctor by opening his own clinic in the village. The place becomes known as the "Village of Miracles" and begins to attract the unwanted attention of various bandits and ravagers.


  • Toki (トキ?)
  • Ramo (ラモ?)
  • Luka (ルカ Ruka?)
  • Amiba (アミバ?)
  • Zeed (ジード Jīdo?)
  • Jyuza (ジュウザ Jūza?)
  • Jagi (ジャギ?)
  • Raoh (ラオウ Raō?)
  • Kenshiro (ケンシロウ Kenshirō?)
  • Zaku (ザク?)
  • Rei (レイ?)
  • Mamiya (マミヤ?)
  • Bat (バット Batto?) and Lin (リン Rin?)
  • Aili (アイリ Airi?)

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