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Shinya Suzuki (鈴木信也 Suzuki Shinya?) (Hiratsuka, Kanagawa, June 11, 1975) is a male Japanese manga creator, known for the successful manga Weekly Shōnen Jump series Mr. Fullswing, which ran for 24 volumes.


  • (1998) Wire -Tetsujo- (鉄条 -TETSUJO-?)
  • (2000) Pool Shooter
  • (2001) Mr. Fullswing[1]
  • (2007) Chicken Gun (チキンガン?)
  • (2008) Bari Haken (バリハケン?)


  1. "Muhyo & Roji's Nishi to Launch Bokkesan Manga". Anime News Network. November 21, 2008. Retrieved April 17, 2010. 

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