Shin Vision Srl was an Italian company based in Rome that published Japanese anime and manga, as well as in merchandising, film/live action, non-Japanese cartoons, and music. Formed on 12 September 2002, it was declared bankrupt by the Court of Rome on May 7 2008.[1]


Shin Vision was barn after vision discrepancies between Federico Colpi e Francesco Di Sanzo, both key people of the former publisher Dynamic Italia. Di Sanzo leave the company and, with part of the Dynamic staff, founds Shin Vision that start operating on 20 September 2002. Later, Dynamic Italia changes the name in Dynit and Federico Colpi will come back to the head of d/visual (Dynamic Planning).

In time Shin Vision acquires a number of licenses and realizes several products commercialized through Pan Distribuzioni, Mondo Home Entertainmente and DNC,, counting between its clients MTV, GXT, De Agostini, Mediaset e Raidue. However, in spring 2007, after slowing down drastically the rate of releases and interrupting the publication of several series among which RahXephon, Wolf's Rain e Gundam Wing, reaches an agreement for the distribution of its video products with EXA Media, slowly resuming ome titles, among which Captain Herlock - The endless odyssey OAV. In October 2007 the entire catalogue of licenses is relieved from EXA Cinema, division of EXA Media, that publishes it under the brand Fool Frame; few months later Shin Vision goes bunkrupt.


Published anime
Live action
Non-japanese animated series
Published manga


  1. Informazioni risultanti da visura ordinaria della CCIAA di Roma, documento n. T38116601 del 4/12/08.
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