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Shanelle Workman-Gray (born August 3, 1978) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Sarah "Flash" Roberts on the ABC soap opera One Life to Live from February 2003 to January 2004. Currently, Workman is the Voice of "Wendy", the Wendy's Fast Food Chain, in nationwide commercials.

When she was younger she appeared with fellow soap actress Eden Riegel in the Broadway production of Les Misérables.

In 2005, Workman started filming the movie Jump Shot, where she played a student of Ray Liotta.

Workman returned to soaps as Gabriela "Gaby" Moreno Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful in March 2005 but was let go by the producers of the soap in October 2005 due to storyline purposes and because the character never caught on with viewers.

She provided the voice of Caren Velázquez from the video game Dino Crisis 3, Pasadena O'Possum in Crash Tag Team Racing, as well as the leading role as the voice of Milliarde in the GameCube game Baten Kaitos Origins. She also played the role of Larxene in Kingdom Hearts: Re:Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

Personal life

Workman is the older sister of actor Jimmy Workman & Ariel Winter. On September 9, 2007, she married actor David Barry Gray. On September 24, 2008, Workman posted on her official website that she and David were expecting a baby due in May 2009. She welcomed her first child Skylar in early May 2009.[1]


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